The Egyptian Philharmonic Society NGO                                         Founded in 2004 and registered under No 2161 /2004



Mission and Activities

The Egyptian Philharmonic Society (EPS) celebrates its thirteenth anniversary this season (2017/2018). It has been contributing to music life in Egypt since 2004 making the practice of classical music on private basis an important alternative in Egyptian cultural life. The society has become a new platform for organizing classical music concerts, festivals, competitions etc. The season 2008/2009 featured 30 concerts at the most prestigious concert venues in Egypt. The chamber orchestra and chamber music concerts maintain internationally- accepted norms of interpretation and build up an educational basis for the appreciation of classical music. By providing artistic and educational activities that are essential to the society’s commitment to music, the EPS helps and encourages young, highly-educated, and talented Egyptian musicians to work in a stimulating environment that embraces the highest standards of professional practice. 

The tour of the Philharmonic Quartet in Kuwait in February 2008 was a great success and another invitation in March 2010 featured one of the EPS activities that season. Furthermore, the EPS has established a national music competition for violin and piano in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum.The aim of this competition is to encourage private music education. In 2008, the EPS implemented, in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum, a new project entitled “The Orchestra a Guest in Schools” which was intended to help promote music appreciation among children and was supported financially by European Union. The project consisted of twenty concerts for school children during 2008. The seasons 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 included 30 orchestra and chamber music concerts each. The program of these concerts featured soloists and conductors of high international caliber. The tour of the Egyptian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra to five European countries was milestone in the society’s activities. The program of the following season 2012/2013 featured the inauguration of the new project the “Egyptian Sinfonietta” and invitation of international ensembles and soloists among which the Prague Chamber Orchestra and pianists Laura Mikkola, Abdel Rahman El-Bacha and Husyien Sermet.

During the seasons  2014/2015 through 2017/2018 the EPS devoted its main resources and activities to suport the Cairo Symphony Orchestra. It has continuously suported the invitations of international guest artists who participated in These seasons. The tour of the Cairo Symphony Chamber Orchestra in September 2015 wich featured the Performances of the orchestra in the Berliner Philharmonie beside other German cities was supported by the EPS. 

In May 2017 the Cairo Symphony performed in the Great Hall of the Wiener Musikverein and Salzburg Mozarteum with great success. The tour was mainly supported by the EPS.

During the current season 2017/2018 the EPS is involved in supporting all main  concerts of the C.S.O., its tour to Germany in April 2018 and its International Workshop for Young conductors to be held in June.   









The Cairo Symphony Orchestra with Ahmed El Saedi Conducting